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Yarn Stop Motion

Precise and uniform yarn tension control

Tension Effects and Solutions for Modern Warping Processes
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  • Common Tension Variations in Warping
  • The Sources of Tension in the Creel
  • Smart Systems to Minimize Tension Problems
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Yarn Stop Motion System

Add reliable yarn break sensing to existing creels.

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System features & capabilities

  • Balloon shield motion sensor for 15 to 2,500 denier yarn (single and multi-filament)

  • Mounts in thread line between package and tension device

  • Verifies end count

  • Touchscreen display for easy setup and operation

  • Same motion sensing as the industry standard YTC-2000



Specifications subject to change without notice.

Input Power

220 VAC 50/60 Hz

3000 watts @ 220VAC (600 ends)

Stop Motion

Momentary dry contact NO, COM, NC

Run/reset signal
24-240 VAC/VDC

Detection System

Infrared sensor

Operator Interface

7" (17cm) Diagonal Full Color Touch Screen

Tension Control

Magnetic plates

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YSM 2000


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