Yarn Tension/Stop Motion

Precise and uniform yarn tension control

Tension-Motion Sensor System

The premier system for quality warp sets with precise tension control and zero lost yarn threads.


The YTC-2000 provides optimal production for warp knit and slasher warp sets, taking care of the two major causes of yarn tension variation: creel length and warper speed. The result is excellent yarn tension control across the warp and throughout beam build with no lost yarn threads. 

Tension Effects and Solutions for Modern Warping Processes
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  • Common Tension Variations in Warping
  • The Sources of Tension in the Creel
  • Smart Systems to Minimize Tension Problems
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System features & capabilities

  • Additive tensioner with 0-75 gram capacity

  • Precise factory tensioner calibration

  • Motorized tension plate cleaning        

  • Optical stop motion at the package

  • Operator touch screen menu-driven programming   

  • Yarn tension fully programmable front/back, jog/run speed

  • Yarn clamp at stop          

  • Motion sensor fully programmable response time and delay time

  • Post-to-post tension control   

  • Retrofit any creel frame including continuous, magazine, gate, truck, or V-type

  • Automatic switch-off for unused positions            

  • Confirmation of number of yarn threads            

  • Individual yarn thread identification                      

  • Signal for bad package                                         

  • Light indicators each post, each position     

  • Multiple language options for user interface       

  • colors/counts same pattern

  • Trim tension control each post/position for first-time set-up

  • Fully compatible with yarn sizes 4.0-70.0 Ne – 20-2000 D.

  • Compatible with OEMs: KarlMayer, Morrison, Jiangyin HuaFang and UKIL

Optional Features:​

  • Yarn motion-sensor functionality for 15 & 20D monofilament yarn applications

  • Pre-tension unit with 150 grams total yarn tension capacity


Product videos

Yarn Retention Guide
for the YTC-2000

Standard on all YTC systems intended for synthetic yarns, the YRG mitigates variability in industrial and difficult yarn finishes that lead to warping problems. 

YTC-2000 MAX
Tension-Motion Sensor System

The premier system for quality warp sets now with 0-100 grams calibration.

YTC 2000 MAX.jpg

System features & capabilities

  • Optional fixed-magnet pre-tensioners for 175 grams at package **

  • Pre-tensioners calibrated for fixed 75 grams of yarn tension

  • Pre-tension plates are yarn driven for uniform wear & cleaning

  • Deselected pre-tensioners as needed

** Depending on yarn type

Yarn Stop Motion System

Add reliable yarn break sensing to existing creels.

YSM 2000.png


Specifications subject to change without notice.

System features & capabilities

  • Balloon shield motion sensor for 15 to 2,500 denier yarn (single and multi-filament)

  • Mounts in thread line between package and tension device

  • Verifies end count

  • Touchscreen display for easy setup and operation

  • Same motion sensing as the industry standard YTC-2000

Input Power

220 VAC 50/60 Hz

3000 watts @ 220VAC (600 ends)

Stop Motion

Momentary dry contact NO, COM, NC

Run/reset signal
24-240 VAC/VDC

Detection System

Infrared sensor

Operator Interface

7" (17cm) Diagonal Full Color Touch Screen

Tension Control

Magnetic plates


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YTC-2000 MAX

YSM 2000






Tension-Motion Sensor System

The same premier system as the YTC-2000 now for V Creel.

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The VTC-2000 provides optimal production for V creels, taking care of the two major causes of yarn tension variation: creel length and warper speed. The result is excellent yarn tension control for beaming efficiency across many types of yarn.

Offering the same system features & capabilities as the YTC-2000.