Value-added Engineering & Manufacturing

AEI is your trusted source for value-added manufacturing and engineering. Offering decades of experience in the field, AEI will guide you from original concept to prototype through production.  


Collaborate with AEI in designing or manufacturing your custom electronics. Or, let us manage the entire process from design, assembly, testing, and integration. Our engineers will deliver your project on-time and within specification.  


Appalachian Electronic Instruments (AEI) has a long and successful history of helping inventors and small businesses realize their vision. From chance encounters and customer suggestions to direct proposals, our engineers turn ideas into applications for a constantly evolving marketplace.  


Areas of expertise include but are not limited to Life Science, Instrumentation, Mining and Railroad.



Needing a complete re-design of their chemical titration unit, a company based in the United Kingdom (UK) approached AEI. AEI modernized the basic concept and added both a robot to the system as well as a densitometer for testing titration results. Despite the challenging distance and time differences, AEI delivered on schedule.



An instrumentation company tasked AEI with designing and manufacturing a line of nuclear instrumentation. The original technology was based on transistors and was eventually upgraded to a microprocessor-controlled LCD instrument used to detect radiation levels in applications for the military, hospitals and universities.


Belt Switch

At the request of partners in the mining industry, AEI designed and sold under the AEI brand the first electronic centrifugal belt switch for coal mines in the US. Being able to sense very slow and very fast speeds, the AEI slip switch prevented many fires underground.


Battery charger


AEI designs and builds products for locomotives air systems and audio warning systems, as well as a personal battery charger for railroad personnel. 

From concept to prototype through production, AEI engineers turn ideas into applications for an evolving global marketplace.


Nuclear Medicine

By meeting electromagnetic standards, AEI updated an outdated medical product for modern application. AEI's design is now used in operating rooms to determine where breast cancer cells have spread from the tumor. 


Gas Chromatography

AEI designed all the electronic circuits necessary for a gas chromatograph system. This included pico amp electrometer circuit, high voltage power supplies, unique temperature stable detectors, micro-sized columns designed to be self-heated. In addition, AEI wrote all the code necessary for multi-board communications as well as communications to an external PC. The resulting product is currently being used for such varied uses as detecting fuel fraud and wine contaminants.



AEI designed the first digital readout methane monitor for coal mine machines. This monitor served the mining industry from the time of the oil embargo of the 1970s until the recent market collapse. 


Equine Medicine

AEI tackled a veterinarian's economic plight of cost prohibitive sperm counters for horses. Working at both the lab and in field tests’ to create the sperm concentration transfer function, AEI brought a sperm counter to the market in three months’ time at 40% the cost of the competition. The new sperm counter used a unique and cost-effective optical design marketed by a company in the Northeast. 


Colony Picker

AEI designed an instrument used to identify microbial colonies for use in drug and DNA analysis.


Ground Fault Relay

AEI recently designed a ground fault relay that is accurate up to 100Hz for high power solid state frequency drives. Typical ground fault systems are only accurate to 60 Hz, potentially endangering lives. The AEI design is plug compatible with existing power center instrumentation.  


Open Circuit Locator

From a customer suggestion, AEI designed an instrument to detect the location of an open circuit in underground cables. This required research to determine the correct transmitted frequencies as well as the expected signals for a variety of cables. 

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