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AEI Upgrades Liba Warp Knitting Machines

AEI now offers the ability to successfully upgrade Liba warp knitting machines, giving the same reliable, easy-to-use and long-term support already offered for Karl Mayer knitting machines. This enables manufacturers to extend the life of expensive warp knitting machines and offers a US-made alternative to purchasing sub-par components that are difficult to support in the long-term.

The AEI AutoWarp 4 can replace existing Liba warp knitting machine gear boxes and controls, adding years to the life of the machine. With the AutoWarp 4, manufacturers gain controlled beam let off for more accurate runner lengths. With AEI’s solution, all existing controls are replaced, making the Liba more user-friendly, programable and serviceable.

Manufacturers do not have to rely on unserviceable Chinese let-off units. AEI products are made in the USA. AEI believes in supporting American made products whenever possible and stands behind its customers and partners who feel the same.

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