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AutoWarp 4 Rental Program

Keep production moving while your machine is being serviced.

AutoWarp 4

AEI Rental Program

Keeping older knitting machines running can be challenging, but AEI’s rental program enables you to keep your production moving with an AutoWarp 4 loaner. Now you don’t have to bring your operation to a stop when you have an old Karl Mayer computer break down or your current AW4 needs serviced.

How does the program work?

If your Karl Mayer computer or AW4 must be taken off line for service or repair, simply provide AEI with a PO for a minimum two-month rental of a loaner AW4. Fees will total $2,900.00 per month plus shipping charges.   Please call AEI at 1-304-647-5855 for more details.

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