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Wrangler – Adopting Water-Saving Technology

Updated: Jun 14, 2018

Wrangler is one more denim brand to become totally sustainable - well done, Wrangler!

More and more denim brands are becoming environmentally conscious and opting to produce their denim in an eco-friendly and sustainable way. American denim icon, Wrangler, joined the club and we are delighted.

Wrangler announced that moving forward, they will be working with major denim suppliers around the world to adopt a revolutionary water-saving technology. Wrangler identified the potential of this advanced technology and provided technical support, early-stage investment and promotion within the denim industry.

In support of Wrangler's global initiative, AEI provided a subsystem of our YTC-200 tension system, the world leader in denim warp prep. We are proud to partner with companies who are working to move the industry forward in responsible ways.

In Apparel Magazine, Roain Atwood recently said,“We’re excited our suppliers are very interested to adopt this breakthrough dyeing technology because it will drastically reduce the water footprint of the denim in our products.”

Read the complete Wrangler story in by clicking HERE.

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