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Tight Yarn Detection for Tufting and Warping Machines

AEI’s philosophy has always been that every yarn defect began as a tight yarn. Identifying tight yarn before the yarn breaks greatly reduces product defect and reduces the time required to make a mend if the yarn breaks. By detecting subtle irregularities before they become defects, manufacturers save money.

To that end, AEI continues development of new products for the tufting industry. The TuftX single-end yarn monitoring system detects tight ends as well as broken ends. The tension of each yarn is monitored at the yarn guide and broken yarns are detected by electro-optic sensor. This way quality issues are caught before they become permanent defects.

This same principle is applied to warping carpet yarn onto beams. Catching the yarn when it gets tight and stopping the wrapper before the break occurs increases production and reduces downtime. AEI developed the first tight-end detection system for carpet yarn with the TE-100. Now, AEI introduces the the TE-101, based on the original design but with improved reliability and precision in defect detection. The TE-101 maintains a low, constant angle of attack enabling the warper to operate at full speed. Manual sensitivity adjustment means the TE-101 can accommodate different types of yarn without sacrificing performance.

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