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The YTC-2000 MAX for Large Denier Industrial Yarn

Appalachian Electronic Instruments leads the industry in providing the premier tension control system for magazine creels—the YTC-2000. But, did you know the YTC-2000 MAX offers the same control for large denier industrial yarns?

The YTC-2000 MAX allows calibration from 0 to 100 grams accommodating a diverse array of yarns. What’s more, this adaptable system allows for optional fixed-magnet pre-tensioners for up to 175 grams at the package, depending on yarn type. Pre-tensioner calibration is fixed at 75 grams, and pre-tensioners may be individually deselected as needed. Yarn-driven pre-tension plates allow for uniform wear and easy cleaning.

Like the YTC-2000, the YTC-2000 MAX incorporates a stop motion optical sensor to monitor yarn motion. The sensor quickly triggers an accurate stop motion without false stops. Often, the machine stops before the broken end reaches the front of the creel thereby reducing operator labor and improving warping efficiency.

All tensioners in the creel are monitored and controlled by a master controller located at the front of the creel. Tension maybe programmed from front to back and even per package position. The intuitive, carefully designed software interface requires very little operator training. Extensive diagnostic reporting shows the activity of every tensioner/stop motion in the creel.

To learn how the YTC-2000 MAX can improve your efficiency, contact our sales department or an AEI agent in your region.

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