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Taking the Anxiety out of Textiles

Updated: Jan 8, 2019

AutoWarp 4

We caught a story in the New York Times recently, A Scientist With a Deep Love of Textile Mills, which profiled Samit Chevli, a DowDuPont scientist who works to develop eco-efficient fabrics from renewable resources.

You can read the full story here.

Of course, it caught our eye because it’s about our favorite subject: textiles, and it’s not too often one finds the phrases “deep love” and “textile mills” in such close proximity. Seriously though, we know a lot of people like Chevli who care deeply about their work and who strive to remain on the leading edge of a competitive industry. We have our own Chevlis here at AEI, in fact.

What really struck us was a quote from Chevli. He said, “There’s constant anxiety about how the product is going to turn out.”

That’s it. That’s exactly why AEI exists. We understand making textiles is a complicated and difficult business. Our products provide process control and monitoring to assure the complicated process works.

Visit our Products page to learn more about how our innovative textile solutions enable our customers to provide the highest quality product with the least amount of downtime. We specialize in tufting, warp knitting, and warp preparation solutions.

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