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Supply Chain Issues Result in Unsustainable Pricing

As a small manufacturer AEI has been hit particularly hard by the recent global supply chain crisis. We have worked tirelessly to obtain components and raw materials to fulfill customer orders—even seeking new, untried vendors to no avail.

To illustrate, the processing chip used in our newest product, the TuftX, typically costs $11.00 each. The same product is now quoted at $674.00 each. “Scalpers” are charging these prices because they know some desperate customers will pay it.

“AEI refuses to take part in this price gouging,” AEI President Gary McComas said. “We refuse to pass this kind of cost onto our customers.”

Consequently, AEI is unable to fulfill some time-sensitive orders. We continue to monitor the situation closely and will communicate market shifts to our customers. We know you, like us, are experiencing other supply chain shortages. We are committed to remaining a leader in quality and process control for the global textile industry while maintaining ethical pricing standards.

AEI will be here when the supply chain reopens and will provide our product at the lowest cost possible to support the textile industry.

For inquiries about product availability, contact us at sales [at] aei-wv [dot] com or by calling (304) 647-5855.

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