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Next generation TUFTING

The replacement for the original Tuftight is the newest member of AEI’s family of products for Tufting.

Just like the original, the LX detects tight ends early in the tufting process, right at the creel header. Tight end generated “low line” defects are virtually eliminated and tufting machine

run time efficiency is improved. Compatible with all state-ofthe-art tufting machinery, the

TUFTIGHT- LX provides a cost effective solution for increased productivity.

The Tuftight LX has the same detection principle as the industry proven original Tuftight, reconfigured in a simpler, more integrated and easier to maintain design. Instead of movable switches, the sensitivity is now adjusted by a movable lower yarn bar. The unique rack and pinion mechanical adjustment sets the angle of the yarn contacting the switches.

After mechanical adjustment is complete, the fine sensitivity is set with a programmable stop delay, selectable for the entire rail, or for each meter section. The ability to set the sensitivity for each one meter switch section accommodates various creel and header lay-outs by normalizing thetight-end response across the machine. Included is a PLC interface using an Industry Standard RS-232 serial port, which allows connection of the LX to production data systems.

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