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New, Sustainable Denim Mill to Open in 2019

Updated: Jan 8, 2019

We shared a story in June about DNA Textile Group’s decision to discontinue the denim manufacturing arm of their business in pursuit of high-end specialty fabrics. The ups and downs of the American denim industry is something we pay close attention to, and we never like to see a business discontinue production.

On the converse, we love to see new businesses emerge and make an impact. New vision and energy drive the entire industry to do more and do better. That is why we were so happy to read Vidalia Denim, headquartered in Vidalia, Louisiana, will begin producing premium denim in the second quarter of 2019.

What’s unique about Vidalia Denim is their commitment to sustainable practices. In fact, theirs will be the first textile mill in the world to use only e3 sustainable cotton. Cotton certified as e3 meets stringent guidelines enabling buyers to know where their cotton was grown. This program ensures that cotton is grown in a socially equitable manner protecting the working and living conditions of the laborers. Additionally, e3 cotton is priced fairly ensuring farmers can make a profit. Finally, e3 cotton growers must adhere to environmentally responsible practices that conserve water, land and energy.

Dan Thompson, executive vice president of operations at Vidalia recently told eTextile Communications, “Sustainability was a very important prerequisite for us. Sustainability is something you can sink your teeth into – it’s tangible, measurable and meaningful.”

AEI extends a sincere congratulations to Vidalia Denim and kudos for their commitment to raising the bar for all of us in the textile industry.

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