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Introducing the new WarpScan PROLine for yarn-break stop motion

In keeping with the mission to continually improve quality and process control for the global textile industry, AEI is pleased to introduce the WarpScan PROLine. Available for warper and beamer applications, the WarpScan PROLine represents the latest technology in camera-based yarn-break stop motion.

This application employs high-speed camera technology to detect yarn breaks and halt production for remediation faster than ever. Improved system features include new laser light illumination and the elimination of halogen lamps for energy and cost savings. By improving the sensitivity of the laser, the WarpScan PROLine is effective for any color yarn, including solution-dye black and dark yarns.

The quick and easy set up simply requires an operator to key in the end count and begin production. The WarpScan PROLine will confirm the end count catching human error or broken yarns not detected by laser. Additionally, the system can save an existing framework.

Contact an AEI agent near you to learn more about the WarpScan PROLine and how it can improve production and reduce costs.

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