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Big Data and Defect Detection

Big Data as a topic of discussion among technology-types has become so commonplace it has almost lost all meaning. But, it’s a pretty simple concept, actually. Nearly all modern appliances and machinery contain microprocessors. Besides managing the functionality of the machine, microprocessors are good a collecting infinite amounts of data on performance. Infinite amounts of data on the most minute functions can get pretty big. Voila, big data.

With the advancement of technology, we have learned ways of harnessing data that has been collected so that it can tell a story. For example, data can tell Netflix what movie you’re most interested in watching. Or, it can tell a researcher how a cancer cell will mutate. Did you know large recruitment platforms have the data to predict when an employee is about to quit a job or start looking for a new one. It seems nearly everything is able to be reduced to trackable data points. Yep, even love. You didn’t think online data was driven by fate, did you?

However, these are all examples of new technologies that were born of this modern technological era. Many have questioned whether one of the oldest industries, textiles-a veritable dinosaur of an industry-could evolve and find ways of improving manufacturing through big data.

As a matter of fact, the textiles industry has adapted, albeit more slowly, to changing times. (Read more on this from Manufacturing Technology Insights.) More and more companies are coming up with innovative ways of using data to improve the quality and production of diverse products. There is, it appears, no ice age or looming meteor for textiles after all.

At AEI we’ve been watching the market and considering how best to improve our customers’ production through big data. We’ve taken our time and made sure that our designs add value not just information overload.

While we’re not ready to tip our hand just yet, we look forward to unveiling innovative ways big data enhance defect detection. Stay tuned for more. If you’ll be at ITMA 2019, be sure you drop by and say hello. Here’s where you’ll find us.

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