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An Open Letter from AEI President Gary McComas

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Dear Customers:

As the Covid-19 pandemic ends and the economies of the world open, AEI stands ready to supply its customers with their equipment and service needs—just as we did before and throughout the difficult past year.

In the interim, we have focused our resources on R&D efforts. We look forward to introducing new technology over the next two years leading up to ITMA 2023.

At AEI, we are proud of our long history in yarn tension control and monitoring. We have leveraged that experience to make continuous improvements of the industry-standard YTC-2000 tension system for warping. Additionally, we have spent the past year fine tuning the TuftX single-end yarn monitoring system for tufting machines.

We know every broken end was first a tight end. With that in mind, we focus on stopping problems before they become a defect.

Call us today with your equipment needs, difficult problems, service issues. We stand ready to help.

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