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AEI returns from Domotex in Hannover, Germany

Last week, AEI’s leadership team traveled to Hannover, Germany for Domotex, the flooring industry’s most important international event. During four days of exhibition, AEI showcased their latest product, the TuftX, alongside industry leaders from across the world. Attendees descended upon the event to gain access to the latest international market trends and innovations.

“We were very pleased with the reception the TuftX received at Domotex,” said AEI President Gary McComas.

Now back at the AEI headquarters in West Virginia, AEI engineers are continuing to refine and test the TuftX system. This in time for a predicted market surge in 2020 expected to positively impact global tufting sales. The TuftX offers single yarn monitoring for broken yarn, end outs, and tight ends, to eliminate long mends and improve machine runtime efficiency.

McComas also expressed optimism over the show’s positive attendance. While there, AEI connected with existing agents and assigned new representatives for the Tuftight LX and TuftX.

About AEI

AEI is the global leader in providing quality control and safety systems for the world's most essential industries. AEI specializes in the manufacture of quality control and monitoring systems for textiles; safety and monitoring devices for the mining, railroad, health care and nuclear industries; and contract electro-mechanical assembly manufacturing.

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