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AEI Introduces the VTC-2000 for V Creel Tension Control

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Appalachian Electronic Instruments has offered the premier system for tension control for magazine creels with the YTC-2000. But, did you know that the YTC has been successfully applied to V-Creels with the VTC-2000?

This state-of-the-art tension system allows the user to set tension values that reflect package positions from front to back and from top to bottom of the creel. In addition, this system monitors yarn speed and adjusts the entire creel tension to compensate for speed changes and warper stops.

The VTC-2000 incorporates a stop motion optical sensor that monitors yarn motion. This stop motion has shown to be very fast and accurate with zero false stops. Often, the machine will stop before the broken end ever reaches the front of the creel. This feature reduces operator labor to repair the end and result in improved warping efficiency.

All tensioners in the creel are monitored and controlled by a PLC located at the front of the creel. Tension maybe programmed from front to back, top to bottom, and even per package position if necessary. Additionally, an intuitive software interface has been carefully designed requiring minimal operator training. The computer also incorporates extensive diagnostics to show the activity of every tensioner/stop motion in the creel.

Contact our sales department or an AEI agent near you to learn more about how the VTC-2000 can improve your production.

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