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AEI Introduces the TE-101 for Tight End Detection for Carpet Tufting

For generations AEI has delivered the most reliable tight end detection in the textile industry for tufting and warping machines. We pride ourselves in detecting tight ends quickly before they become defects or broken ends. This simple principle can be aptly applied to the warping of carpet yarn onto beams.

Indeed, AEI developed the first tight-end detection system for carpet yarn with the TE-100. Now, we are pleased to introduce the second generation of process control for carpet tufting machines, the TE-101. The TE-101 offers improved reliability and precision by maintaining a low, constant angle of attack. This enables the warper to operate a full speed while reducing low lines in the final product. The TE-101 also offers the ability to manually adjust sensitivity to accommodate different types of yarn.

The TE-101 is a stand-mounted unit located between the warper and the creel. Each yarn end is threaded through a ceramic pigtail, and sensitivity may be adjusted with a simple knob and scale.

Click here for more information on the TE-101 and to download the specification brochure.

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